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July 26th
9:10 AM

edward cullen

(rob referring to a person walking towards us..)

“uuuyyyy siya na ba ang edward cullen ng buhay mo mar? hanep ah, nasa harap yung fangs.” -rob

over 2 years has passed and this quote still never fails to amuse me.. :)

November 3rd
3:00 AM

YAAY… i’m ecstatic right now, yvonne has just arrived… well i’m not glad cuz i won’t be alone tonight; i liked that. There are other reasons why i’m happy that she’s finally here…

ME: hi yvonne, you’re here!! <—double punctuation plus bold, i couldn’t emphasize more.

YVONNE: hello.

ME: Do you know that I’ve been cleaning after krissy’s poop ever since everyone went on vacation?

YVONNE: oh, so?

ME: you’re here now.

YVONNE: and you’re implying???

ME: you’re here now.. i can tolerate dirt better than you can..(walks away like a smug)

krissy’s a chihuahua.. she’s living inside the house because she can’t be left outside -P.I. and chelsea doesn’t like her since she’s a total cunt.. doesn’t eat rice and poops more than 3 times a day.. gawd i hate her. =P